Is the Huff Post undergoing a tabloid-change to become a Daily Mail? It’s hard to believe that Huff, who used to post well-informed and useful pieces on trans issues … such as this by Diane Ehrensaft …, has recently admitted to always liking Daily Mailish things and begun dressing himself in tabloid clothes which are anything but … viz: this astonishingly inept and crass ‘hermaphrodite’ blog by Peter Martindale  … and now this piece:

Former Big Brother Contestant Reveals He is Leading Life As A Woman

The cheeky Huff’s story comes complete with trans drinking game cliches such as big glossy before n’ after photos and excited reference to the ‘surgery to change his gender’.


A big worry for Huff must be whether he will be accepted by his parent Arianna Huffington. It’s unclear yet whether he’s broken the news to her.

At first Huff wasn’t sure but, after seeking advice from some old hacks, he seems to have decided to look into trashy trans story therapy and try living as a tabloid for a year before undergoing the full tabloid change operation which will make him into a Daily Mail.

Am I being cis-broadsheetist in worrying that Huff may never pass successfully as a Daily Mail and come to regret this change?