I’m really impressed by the clarity with which The Leveson Report has swept aside the bullshit and so clearly identified the abuse of basic human rights in the sections (pages 666-668) on Trans Media Watch’s submission. The Report has not felt it necessary to go into any long involved explanation about who the trans community are or what complicated labels we are said to travel under … just people and human rights. I think the whole community could take a lesson from this.

Whatever future regulatory body we end up with I believe this will come to be seen as a moment in history when the UK trans community stepped up in the right place, at the right time, turned on the bullies and said ‘Enough!’


You can’t say it much clearer than this:

8.32 On the basis of the evidence seen by the Inquiry, it is clear that there is a marked tendency in a section of the press to fail to treat members of the transgender and intersex communities with sufficient dignity and respect; and in instances where individuals are identified either expressly or by necessary implication perpetrate breaches of clause 12 of the Code. Parts of the tabloid press continue to seek to ‘out’ transgender people notwithstanding its prohibition in the Editors’ Code. And parts of the tabloid press continue to refer to the transgender community in derogatory terms, holding transgender people up for ridicule, or denying the legitimacy of their condition. Although the Inquiry heard evidence that parts of the tabloid press had “raised [its] game in terms of transgender reporting”,393 the examples provided by TMW of stories from the last year demonstrate that the game needs to be raised significantly higher.

8.33 The press has shown itself quite capable of doing so: 30 years ago, an Inquiry into the culture practices and ethics of the press was likely to have seen a deluge of complaints relating to the representation of homosexuals in the press.394 The fact that only a very few such complaints were received by this Inquiry may reflect the press’s ability to put its own house in order. Alternatively, it may simply reflect that society had changed and the press has been forced to keep up.