Millions of words will be juggled today on the confusion, the social complications and the circus surrounding Bruce Jenner’s coming out at 65 …

How should we behave?
How should they behave?

What is the social etiquette around a middle aged transition?

‘It’s all SOOOO complicated!” A thousand media commentators will say. “It’s sooo complicated,” a bunch of trans commentators will parrot.

It’s NOT … and they’ll all be missing the real question: WHAT IS OUR SOCIETY GOING TO DO NOW TO ALLOW AND SUPPORT TRANS KIDS TO BE THEMSELVES FROM THE GET-GO SO THAT SOCIAL TRANSITION ITSELF BECOMES A THING OF THE PAST? Because then the kids will never have felt they had to conceal anything. It’s not rocket science.

Jenner knew as a child but could see no viable way to be themself. They first attempted to transition thirty-five years ago in 1980.

I find it heartbreaking to see somebody, as entitled as Jenner is in all other respects, feeling not entitled to chose their own name or pronoun for the Diane Sawyer interview and having as their main worry not wanting to let anybody else down. Of course that’s an honourable sentiment but FFS cis society has historically let down every trans kid (and indeed LGB kid) … FOREVER.

This needs to be the narrative from now on … please.